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Do you have a problem to translate Indonesian language into a foreign language or vice versa? ATS is your solution! Send your material which needs to be translated via email or visit directly to our office. We are ready to help you. Our translation service has established since 1998.


We translate in Sworn Translation and Regular Translation.

We translate various materials, such as materials on legal, business, economics, insurance, medical, engineering, art, etc. There are a lot of big companies are our permanent clients. We translate fast and accurately with the flexible price. We are able to translate materials which have only several pages or many pages, even thousand.

We are in strategic location, in the exotic office of apartment. Something you see in the pictures as our real office.

Why Us ?



ATS Translation Service is the certified sworn translator service which is acknowledged by the embassy. And we always work professionally in the field of document translation and interpreter service. And also in document legalization.


Our team has experienced on translating various languages, both for study, business or other needs. Some companies / offices and other business partnership have trusted us.


We will give you the reasonable price without reducing the translation quality. And you will get free all consultations of ATS Translation Service.
Please contact me directly!

ATS Interpreter Service

Do you have a problem or hindrance in negotiating with foreigners or having a direct contact with them? Please contact to ATS, we are ready to solve your problem by being your direct interpreter. We can handle any matters related to business, legal, economics, trial lawsuit etc.

Legalization Service


We provide the service on handling documents to be legalized in Ministry of Law and Human Rights of RI, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ministry of Education and Culture, Ministry of Religious Affairs, and some Embassies in Jakarta, and Notary.


Are you busy with your work? Don’t you have time to go out of your office or home? But you want to improve your English?

 Do not be confused and doubt. Choose ATS, a language educational institution which is able to assist to solve your problem!

We give training private in English Conversation and TOEFL, and giving TOEFL test too. .

Our educational institution has been successful on helping various big companies, especially on improving their HR’s English skill. And you will be guided directly by professional instructors, cooperative and highly dedicative in giving training.

 Time and venue will be adjusted with your need. The same thing goes for the participants.

After finish studying, you will get a certificate. Come on, join us!


ATS Translation Service

Good services, it is very recommended.

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Mr. Bams, thanks you have taught my son.

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Thanks Sir, next month there will be another job, tomorrow I will contact you.

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Tens until hundred people have trusted the task to us. Now your choice. Get the best sworn translator with No. 1 service.